Luxembourg Designated Workers Association.

Assisting all stakeholders in health, safety, and environmental matters in Luxembourg, including Designated Workers. Sharing experiences and providing support.

Our Mission

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Protect the person in their role as a Designated Worker.

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Take over the relay

Provide legal and technological support regarding occupational health and safety aspects.

You've got a promotion!

Promotion and Valorization.

Promouvoir et valoriser  la fonction du Travailleur Désigné.

Why should you join?

ATDL defends you.

We defend the designated workers within the Advisory Commission for the validation proposals of designated workers.

Make your voice heard.

ATDL is the unique and officially recognized interlocutor as the association of "Designated Workers".

Find support

We are a family and through our actions, we ensure your well-being as a Designated Worker in the workplace.

Sharing experience

ATDL is composed of members who have been occupying or interacting with the Designated Worker function.

Being part of a family that defends your interests on a daily basis.

One of the goals of the association is to promote and protect the professional interests of Designated Workers at the local and international level. It plays a crucial role in defending the rights of this profession and raising awareness about its importance among businesses and authorities.

Additionally, the association works to inform and train its members on recent developments in occupational safety and health and to share best practices in this area.

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We are here to assist you in your role as a Designated Worker

ATDL is a group of designated workers who have come together in an association to help each other.

Almost 20 years of existence soon!

Originally, the ATDL was created to gather and represent Designated Workers. This year, in 2023, we are opening membership to all those interested in Health, Safety, and Environment, without requiring any training certificate. Our new logo reflects this spirit of openness.

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Our Activities

Regular meetings

During our regular meetings, various topics related to the profession of Designated Worker are discussed. These exchanges are an opportunity for everyone to share their experience and expertise.


Conferences provide an interesting alternative for addressing topics by bringing in specialists in a particular field. They allow for the discussion of themes in a different way.

Business Visits

Company visits provide the opportunity to explore various professional environments and learn from other experts in occupational safety and health. It is also a chance to ask questions.

Témoignages d'adhérents

Ceux qui parlent mieux de nous, c’est nos adhérents. Découvrez quelques témoignages sur ce qu’ATDL peut vous apporter.

Adhérez à la communauté SST

Our latest Posts

Open position as EHS Specialist

John Zink, located in Dudelange, Luxembourg is currently looking for a EHS Specialist You can check the job description under this link:

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