Code of ethics


  • This code is a set of elements of moral conduct intended for Workers appointed in the performance of their duties and the fulfilment of their primary mission, which is to give priority to the safety, health and well-being of people at work.
  • This code is a basis for organizing the function around values of respect for the people and missions of the Designated Workers.
  • This code is defined by six canons with associated principles of interpretation to clarify its meaning.

Code of Ethics

The Designated Workers must:

  1. Perform their duties in accordance with accepted scientific principles, recognizing that the lives, health and well-being of their colleagues may depend on their professional judgment and that they have an obligation to protect the health and well-being of all;
  2. Provide objective advice to the parties concerned on the risks that could threaten their Safety and/or Health and on the precautions to be taken to avoid harmful effects;
  3. Keep confidential any personal or business information they have collected in the course of their activities, except where disclosure is required by law or for superior safety and health reasons;
  4. Avoid circumstances that could give rise to a problem of professional conscience or a conflict of interest;
  5. Limit their interventions to the area of their competence;
  6. Act in full awareness of their responsibility in order to ensure the integrity of the function.