Validity of pre-2006 “Designated Workers” training

The Grand Ducal Regulation of 2006 on the training of Designated workers provides that training provided before its publication remains valid but also sets out transitional provisions:

3. For designated workers in service on the date of entry into force of this Grand-Ducal Regulation and who have undergone appropriate training, the Minister may grant derogations on the basis of a mandatory opinion from the Advisory Committee as to the prerequisites of qualification and professional experience. Reasoned requests to this effect must be addressed to the Labour and Mines Inspectorate.

4. Any designated worker must have followed the appropriate training as provided for in Article 7 of this Grand-Ducal Regulation no later than 60 months after publication of the training cycles referred to in the second paragraph of this Article in the Memorial.

It remains possible for those who have not yet done so to apply to the advisory committee for a derogation for the equivalence of their certificate.

To do so, they must send a letter to the ITM enclosing

  • a motivation note indicating the desired equivalence (group B, C…);
  • the initial Designated Worker certificate;
  • copies of diplomas and recognition by the Ministry of Higher Education;
  • a CV highlighting the experience acquired in the field of OHS;
  • Proof of ongoing training (OSH-related), whether or not recognised by the ITM.

This can save you from having to repeat a training cycle.



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