At the beginning of 2004, a group of “Designated Workers” exchanged information about the approach to their mission and how to organize themselves in the company. From this reflection was born the Association of Travailleurs Désignés Luxembourg (ATDL).

The ATDL has the legal status of a non-profit association (ASBL). All activities are carried out by volunteers whose purpose is not commercial.

One of the priorities is to share everyone’s experiences and offer help to members who wish it.

In addition, the ATDL collaborates with the main national bodies and organizations concerned with the safety and health of workers. The ATDL is the sole interlocutor and recognized as an association of “designated workers” by the country’s authorities.

It was among the first to adhere to the Vision Zero charter.



Since its creation, the ATDL has been proposing to the competent authorities’ adjustments concerning the function of the “Designated Worker” in the context of the drafting of future grand-ducal laws and regulations concerning our function and Safety and Health at Work in the general sense.

When a file (training, experience, etc.) must be submitted to the competent authority for approval of the appointment to the position of Designated Worker, the association defends the “Designated Workers” within the “Consultative Commission” for the proposals for validation of the “Designated Workers”.

In the same context, the ATDL also participates in the proposal of training programs for “Designated Workers” and continuing training as prescribed by the Grand-Ducal Regulation.

Close links also exist with other national and international associations that have similar interests.

Thanks to its various contacts and the contribution of its active members, the ATDL also ensures a legal and technological relay on the Safety and Health at Work aspects.

Through this site, a LinkedIn discussion group, regular meetings, conferences, company visits, newsletters…, the ATDL ensures an exchange of information and ideas, in order to professionalize our mission and protect the person in his or her role as a “Designated Worker”.

Finally, the Association wishes to promote and enhance the function of the Designated Worker both within its company and in relation to external stakeholders.

Together, we are stronger and less isolated, within our companies and against regulatory bodies.

The Board of Directors