Member’s interest survey

Dear Members,

You will find here after a small questionnaire in order to better know your expectations and meet your needs as best as possible.

We thank you to dedicate some minutes to answer it. Your feed-back is important!

Should you have any question or comment, do not hesitate to contact us.

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The C.A. – A.T.D.L.


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4. How have you got to know ATDL ?

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5. Have you ever consulted our internet site ?

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6. Do you receive our weekly Newsletter ?

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7. Have you ever taken part in an event organized by ATDL ?

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8. What are the best available timeslots for you to attend meetings or events ?

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9. Which topics or people would you be interested in ?

10. Would you like to :

 Present a specific topic during an event ? Contribute to a specific workshop or circle of best demonstrated practices ? Take part to a business / company visit ? Organize a visit of your own business / company ?

Thank you for your feed-back !